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In the real world, you cannot effectively address network security with static defenses. Sourcefire and Redpill Linpro take a new approach to network security—one that quickly and effectively protects your environment against dynamic attacks.

The best offense is a good defense

Sourcefire is a world leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Redpill Linpro has worked with Open Source security since the 1995. Together we provide you with Agile Security that is as dynamic as the real world it protects and the attackers against which it defends.

Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) are the heart of the Sourcefire security portfolio. Sourcefire offers standalone next-generation IPS (NGIPS) solutions, the only next-generation firewall solution with NGIPS built-in, as well as several complementary products to protect your network.

With FireAMP, advanced malware protection that discovers, analyses and blocks malware by utilising Big Data analytics, you can get answers to questions like: “Where did the attack start?”, “Where and how did it spread?”, “How can it be controlled?”

Open Source

Sourcefire has an enduring commitment to the open source security community, and is a leader in open source security technology. Sourcefire manages Snort, open source intrusion prevention and detection technology and ClamAV, open source antivirus and anti-malware technology. Sourcefire is also the home to RazorBack, a platform for complex threat detection. 

As a result, Sourcefire delivers the best of both worlds - open source collaboration and innovation teamed with a fully commercially supported solution. You can benefit from a migration path to enterprise-class solutions, accelerated development due to open source code, as well as collective intelligence and same-day protection against new and evolving threats from a community of users and security experts.

As a local Sourcefire Gold Partner we help you deploy and optimise your Sourcefire solution. Advanced policy layer techniques, reports, alerts, and automation will be mapped to your unique environment.


  • Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS): For maximum visibility and intelligence to protect against advanced threats through context awareness and automation. NGIPS customers may also add application control via a control license.
  • Sourcefire Defense Center: Centrally manage hundreds of appliances and analyse events, automate threat prevention updates, configure policies, and generate reports and custom dashboards.
  • FireAMP: An intelligent, enterprise-class advanced malware analysis and protection solution that uses big data to discover, understand and block advanced malware outbreaks.
  • FireSIGHT: Fundamental Sourcefire technology integrated in Sourcefire next-generation solutions to provide network visibility, context, and automation.
  • FirePOWER: A unique hardware acceleration technology that supports Sourcefire next-generation network security platforms with unmatched performance and energy efficiency on a universal security architecture.
  • Sourcefire IPSx: IPS made simple. For small networks managed by network administrators and IT generalists who need to secure networks and meet compliance mandates with minimal administrative attention.

 Sourcefire also offers virtual appliances and SSL appliances to remove blind spots by decrypting SSL traffic for effective inspection. 


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