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17 March 2015 - WSO2 Workshop

Enterprise Identity and API Management - workshop with WSO2, in Stockholm

In this workshop we will understand how to make the best out of the two of the most demanding requirements of modern enterprises, Identity and API Management:

  • The benefits and challenges of exposing APIs
  • An OAuth2-based reference architecture for API Management
  • The enterprise Identity Management Landscape (SSO, Entitlement, Federated IAM)
  • Security for APIs, Web and Mobile Applications
  • Tailoring WSO2 API Manager and Identity Server for your Organization (Multitenancy, White-labeling, Monetization options)
  • The workshop will focus on the overall landscape and reference architectures for Identity and API Management and then focus on understanding how to best use WSO2 products to implement these in your organization.

More information and registration, WSO2 workshop Enterprise Identity and API Management