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Sourcefire our partner

Sourcefire was founded in January 2001 by Martin Roesch, author of open source Snort, the world's most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology with nearly 4 million downloads to date.

In response to increased demand for a commercial version of the popular software, the company developed its award-winning IPS solutions built on Snort and designed to provide continuous protection in a world of continuous change.

Because dynamic threats require a dynamic response, Sourcefire complements its security solutions with the Sourcefire VRT. These elite security experts work around the clock to proactively discover, assess, and respond to the latest trends in hacking activities, intrusion attempts, malware, and vulnerabilities. They develop the official Snort rules to protect Sourcefire customers and Snort users against emerging exploits before they are released into the wild.

We have been a Sourcefire Gold Partner since 2009, one year after they establish their Nordic organisation. We offer expert consulting on the entire Sourcefire portfolio, and of course, the portfolio itself.