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API and Integration

Outdated systems combined with the challenge of delivering new services and adopting varying organizational requirements have created a demand for well-structured and effective integration solutions. It has also become increasingly important to implement a loosely coupled architecture to make it easier to switch or implement new applications when new requirements arise.

Implementing an API initiative is an investment for the future, but most importantly - it is an investment that does not require a revolution in your organization or a restructuring of your existing infrastructure. Instead, an API initiative can be a way to avoid many of the painful pitfalls many companies find themselves in today, in terms of integrations and IT growing challenges.

To solve this, we work with our customers to develop a lightweight approach to implementing ”Think big – Act small – Scale fast” connectivity strategies including integration and API Management. We help our customers create and establish an API strategy in their business through our team of business architects, with extensive experience in change management and integration.

We can act as a one stop shop for all parts in the integration echo system from ICC organisation down to devlop and maintenance of services, plattforms and the operations environment.

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Make the organizations internal and external information available
in order to increase transparence, beneficence and speed of interaction internally, with customers and other organizations. This must happen within an ecosystem that is capable of delivering IT solutions in an ever increasing speed. 

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API Ready Guide

API and connectivity will be key factors to drive the digital enterprise. APIs will enable a connected business and generate new business opportunities. APIs will give you access to IoT. Successful development and maintenance of your APIs will create new business opportunities, if you fail you may be left behind. So the question is - are you API ready?

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