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Are you staying safe? Security tips for your hardware

Thu, 03/09/2017 - 14:29 -- Redpill Linpro
There’s a saying that goes “all software sucks”. And then there’s another saying that goes “all hardware sucks”. Combined, we’re not left with much hope. While we’re all trying our best to cope with this, we need to think security when it comes to hardware as well as software. When was the last time you erased the data from your hard drive with a strong magnet?

Remember to back up your laptop!

If you're using a revision control system for development, configuration etc, whatever you commit will be automatically backed up. But what about the rest of your laptop's content? It's a good idea to copy important documents and other material from the laptop to your home directory on a regular basis, so it will be backed up in case your laptop breaks down (or gets lost or stolen!). Several useful programs exist to keep devices synchronized (semi-)automatically, for instance Unison.


Erase your hard drive securely

Before finally getting rid of your old workstation or laptop, you should make sure to erase your hard drive properly. A recent study shows that out of 25 discarded hard drives, only two were securely wiped. If not handled properly, your old hard drive could include your (very) personal pictures, email correspondence, and business/customer information that shouldn't come astray. Regular deletion or even formatting the hard drive is not sufficient. This also applies to removable devices like USB memory sticks and SD cards in your camera or cell phone! For an updated perspective (in Norwegian)