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Debunking Open Source Myths Part 2

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 09:42 -- Anders Liling
...and continues with myth 5-7

5. Myth: Too many chefs in the kitchen

All three stars restaurants in Guide Michelin have lots of chefs in the kitchen! (and of which one really experienced)This might have been true ten years ago. Today we have professional organisations steering the communities, making balanced decisions for the long term good of each SW. The positive side we had ten years ago is still around, thousands and thousands of users testing and reporting about functionalities and flaws. Nothing beats the community!

6. Myth: Unclear business value

Well, it is in the eyes of the user, isn't it?The up side is that you for a fraction of the usual cost can test it, modify it and then test it again. Then you decide if you want to go forward. Try that with a proprietary licence...

7. Myth: OSS is bad for the economy and defies the values of capitalism

Wow, software is influencing world politics!It is of course the other way around. OSS is sharpening the competition on all levels, and with transparency!Lots and lots of new organisations have been established based on providing OSS and servicies. Furthermore a number of new, quite impressive, companies have emerged based on OSS.Heard of Google, Facebook and Twitter, anyone?

Lastly, look out for Debunking Open Source Myths Part 3!