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Have you seen the latest version of the contract?

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 14:53 -- Fredrik Svensson
Or why Contract Management is a great first step towards Digital Workplace Transformation.

The question above isn't unusual, and many of us surely recognize it. Well, I do anyway. Variations of the same question might be : ”Do you know what version of the quote we sent to the customer?” or ”Have you seen the partner agreement for supplier X?”, but the challenge stays the same.

Should be a part of the past

With todays digital tools and support for the Digital Workplace these questions should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately many organisations still struggle with keeping track of important binding contracts such as Quotes, Agreements and formal Orders. It is particularly a symptom of organisations that are spread on various geographical locations. Being part of such an organisation I've experienced this challenge first hand.

Does it have to be like this?

It doesn’t! Getting your Digital Workplace together and creating an efficient tool for cooperation between individuals and across organisational borders will prevent your employees from having to ask others and themselves these questions. In fact Contract Management is a perfect use case to start your journey towards the Digital Workplace. It is a very important process/function in every organisation (no matter if you mainly sell or purchase things) to get on top of.

There's money and time to save from having this process in order. It's often also quite simple to describe and implement in a modern tool to support your Digital Workplace. Once described, you might even be ready to automate parts of the process and implement digital signing of documents or document scanning to digitise older documents.

In short a very quick and well structured route to begin the digitalisation of your own and your organisations workplace.

Contract Management - A good starting point

This is why Contract Management is a good starting point for your Digital Workplace Transformation initiative.

  • Many people will be involved and see the benefits of an efficient digital workplace.
  • The investment will be minor with a limited use case.
  • Risks will be low and the impact for the organisation immediate with a short ROI as a result.
  • Your co-workers will find agreements in the Contract Management application and don’t have to run around disturbing others looking for the latest version of a specific contract anymore. It will be available digitally as the first step towards your future Digital Workplace.

How do I know all these things? Well, we've been through them ourselves…..;-)


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