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New partner Ephesoft provides intelligent capture technology

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 11:44 -- Per Wennman


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Ephesoft Inc, the leading provider of open source capture solutions.

Ephesoft Transact is an intelligent document capture and data classification solution that extracts meaningful data from static documents no matter the format or how you receive them. Static documents are converted into useful dynamic actionable information to fuel your business processes.

Key features

  • Classifies, identifies and extracts information from any document

  • Advanced document learning - can be trained on just a few samples

  • Web browser interface

  • Easy integration with RESTful API:S and CMIS support

  • Simple and cost effective price per CPU model

  • Flexible deployment models

    • On premise

    • Cloud

  • High performance scalability

  • Export documents to Alfresco via CMIS

    • set appropriate aspects on the document

    • map captured data to metadata properties on the document

    • trigger workflows to start

If you have paper or electronic documents that drive your business and needs  to improve and make the processes of handling these document flows more efficiently you should have a look at Ephesoft Transact.  Typical use cases are presented in this document

How does it work?

The picture below illustrates how Ephesoft Transact works

Document Process AUtomation.png

Ephesoft transact are available in the following packages

  • Linux Community Edition

  • Linux Edition

    • Perpetual or yearly subscription licences

  • Windows Edition

    • Perpetual or yearly subscription licences

  • Cloud

    • Cloud service, hosted in one of Repill-Linpros datacenters in Sweden or Norway

We provide professional support services for Ephesoft Transact with different Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Pricing models targeted at  SMB customers make this advanced technology available for the SMB customers. Please contact per.wennman@redpill-linpro.com for more information.