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Open Source – A rebel with a cause

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 15:57 -- Anders Liling
In a way Open Source reminds us of those rebel kids in movies. The poet bad boy on his motorbike, the trouble maker who lives to dance or the fashion victim with the voice of an angel. They don't fit in to a rigorous society but their creativity and passion can't be contained no matter how many dark looks they face.

And it wouldn't be a Hollywood movie without the happy ending when their full potential is realised and adored by those who doubted them so strongly in the beginning.

Open Source has a similar story. A story of being frowned upon by the establishment and for it's rebellian refusal to constrain itself. A while back Linus Thorvall talked about how he never had a plan for Linux, as he believes that the users needs will generate better plans than any he could ever think of. And it's this kind of thinking, symptomatic for Open Source and that can be frightening. But it's often on the edges where great ideas are born, it's in the garages where plans are tested and where restless creativity is channeled into great solutions.

And eventually, some of these garage ideas will grow big and successful, as is the case with many Open Source projects and products today. Open Source has not abandoned it's rebellic creativity but it's garage years are well and truly over. Open Source is quickly becoming accepted and is in some cases even pushing aside Windows as the operative system of choice even on the desktop. 

IDG recently published a Swedish article about the telecom giant Ericsson and how they offer the choice of Windows and Linux to their employes. Over 15,000 of Ericssons employees use Linux Ubuntu, and more and more Swedish municipalities such as the municipality of Alingsås are using a number of Open Source products which shows us how Open Source is becoming increasingly main stream.

And so, it remains to see where this particular story will take us. How far will Open Source go? But one thing is for certain - the rebel with a cause is here to stay.  


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