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Use WildFly to create Real-Time Java Web Apps

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 12:36 -- Jens X Augustsson
Use WildFly from the JBoss Community to develop and run real-time Java web applications by using the WebSocket API and protocol

More and more often, we need web apps that use real-time communication. Activity streams, notifications, collaboration apps, realtime-data, dashboards, chats, multiplayer games - all these often require the server to initiate communication with the browser.   

Java developers have of course delivered such web apps for years, by using a number of "hacks". We've come to learn terms such as Comet, polling, Long Polling, Push, HTTP Streaming etc.

Improvements of WebSocket

The term "Web Socket" is generally used to describe web technology aiming at solving these problems, and lately a number of improvements have been made here:

Standard web apps with full-duplex bidirectional communication

WildFly 8 from the JBoss Community was launched in February 2014, and being a Java EE 7 compliant application server, it supports WebSocket. And thus, Java developers can create standard web apps using full-duplex bidirectional communication.

Discover the benefits and get going on WildFly 8

So if you're heading down the real-time alley, be sure to understand how these technologies can help you. Do this by: