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3C Consult (Connectivity Engine)

3C and Redpill Linpro have jointly established an unique instance of the Connectivity Engine for 3C and their customers, naming the unique instance – 3C Connect. 3C Connect not only enables 3C to build unique integrations to meet customer demands, it will also enable 3C over time to develop commonly used connectors that can be utilised by customers to access information from various popular cloud solutions and shorten the implementation times to faster meet customer requirements. This is something that both 3C and their customers will benefit from.  


Quickly meeting customer requirements for integration

With the Connectivity Engine (rebranded to 3C Connect), 3C Consult can meet customer requirements for integration quicker and shorten implementation times. Through the use of both custom built and generic connectors, 3C Consult can offer their customers integrated information flows enabling them access to the right information at the right time and also provide easy access information to sources of data that previously had to be handled separate from each other. 3C Connect enables customer organisations access to the right information at the right time, no matter what role in the organisation the user has.  


The challenge

Assist customers to improve their information flow when implementing CRM solutions and enable various parts of the customer organisation access to information when required. Information that they need access to is often spread between both in house and cloud based systems. Connectivity Engine is an integration platform that gives easy access and enables development of connectors for both these scenarios. An ability to scale up and reuse connectors are also required as the customer base will grow over time.   


The solution

The Redpill Linpro Connectivity Engine solution (rebranded to 3C Connect) hosted as a cloud application (both dev and run time environments) from Redpill Linpros Nordic hosting centers. The Redpill Linpro Connectivity Engine is a container based integration platform with capabilities for building state-of-the-art integration flows and publish APIs through an API Manager. The platform is based on leading Open Source software and can be easily scaled up through its container based deployment model powered by the OpenShift container management tool. 


The result 

A modern, flexible iPaaS platform for integration based on Open Source technology that can be used to integrate various internal and external systems to enable 3C Consult to assist their customers with gaining their full potential from a CRM solution implementation. By the use of both a cloud based development and runtime environment, it is easy and efficient for 3C to scale up both development and runtime capabilities as the need increases or decreases. With the Redpill Linpro Connectivity Engine (3C Connect), 3C Consult has access to a fully fledged integration platform deployed in the cloud for easy access and scale up capabilities. With Connectivity Engine (3C Connect), the 3C customers can utilise the full potential of their CRM implementations.

“With Connectivity Engine from Redpill Linpro (3C Connect) we are able to quickly get up and running independently from external developers, which is important for us because speed is important for our clients. We also benefitted from the cooperation with Redpill Linpro, as we have utilised their consultants to scale up or for expert advice on integration when required. Since the platform, including development environment, is cloud based together with a DevOps oriented approach it does not matter where developers are based, cooperation is seamless. By using the Connectivity Engine (3C Connect) and efficient integration flows we have been able to show the value of our CRM solutions to the whole of our customers organisations and not only to the traditional sales and marketing departments. Basically, Connectivity Engine (3C Connect) has moved us out from the shadows and into the spotlight”, says Anders Harbo, Principal Consultant at 3C Consult. 

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