Cloud Expert


Engage with our cloud archiects to discuss your cloud strategy. Talk with us about modernization of your applications, how to best manage your cloud, or how to best work with multiple clouds. We love to engage in discussions on how to innovate, and how to reduce cost with better cloud managment.

Are you cloud ready?

We help you make the transistion to the cloud and discover the benefits of cloud adoption with our cloud ready assessment.


Together we identify the requirments for the architecture, including infrastructure and application performance, building the best cloud infrastructure for your business needs.

Cloud Security

We help you determine the right level of security for your cloud solutions, assess security risks and make sure your data is safe.

Cloud integration

We help implementing a modern integration with a set of technologies, for connecting software run in cloud environments and on-premise.

Cloud Migration

Develop a migration and cloud native strategy that meet your current workload and security requirements. Migration likely means a new way of working, we help you to get up to speed quickly.

Cloud service adaptation

Moving to a public cloud makes a whole new set of software as a service delivered in the cloud available. We help you determine which ones will be an improvement, either to cover a new need or to replace an existing component.

Cost control and cost management

We help you provide the visibility and control over your cloud solution by maximizing your savings, track your cloud cost and prevent budget overruns.

Database Migration

Availability, scalibility, reliability and cost, we help you discover the benefits of a cloud database migration in a secure way.


It can seem overwhelming to manage multiple cloud-based services. We help you with management and orchestration across multiple cloud providers.

Performance optimalization

Once your systems are up and running another job starts; making sure they have the best preconditions for delivering top performance.


The complexity of cloud econmics calculation depends on the business needs and the content of the migration program. We assist with assessment on the current state and future state architecture, to make a TCO and ROI model that becomes the guideline for the cloud journey.

Workload identification

Identifying workloads to move to the cloud can be tricky. We help you pinpoint the workloads and how to benefit from the cloud.



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Region Manager Copenhagen at Redpill Linpro



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Region Manager Oslo at Redpill Linpro



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Region Manager Stockholm at Redpill Linpro