Cloud Service Management


Cloud Service Management is an offer of assistance with software delivered as a service in AWS. Among our services are setup, monitoring of all components, configuration and follow up of backup, cost management and recommendations for best practices and security.

Cloud service evaluation

Are you regularly asking yourself it the service is the right for you, both regarding service delivery, efficiency and cost?

Cloud service integration

Integrating your services running in hybrid or multicloud architecture can be a complex matter. Our experts within the field are happy to help.

Cloud service quality assurance

Remove the need for your own staff to spend time on follow-up of the quality and capacity delivered by the software as a service vendor.

Configuration and follow-up of backup

We take care of all of your data and backup.

Cost control and cost management

We help you provide the visibility and control over your cloud solution by maximizing your savings, track your cloud cost and prevent budget overruns.

Identity and access management

Our experts provide the proper implementation and follow-up based on your requirements for identity and access management

Performance optimalization

Once your systems are up and running another job starts; constantly making sure they have the best preconditions for delivering top performance.

Proactive monitoring

To keep track of your systems' stability and take action before an issue evolves, we monitor all resource usage and performance indicators.



Margrethe Gleditsch
Managing Director at Redpill Linpro