Analytics Platform


How do you take advantage of the value in all your data?

Companies extracting useful insights from their own data will undoubtedly have an egde over those who do not. Guessing customer trends will rarely beat a precise prediction done right. Data Science is the new game, everyone wants to play it, but not everyone has what it takes to start.

To get true value from your data, you obviously need analytics, but you also need the right architecture to support it. If you cannot access your own data, analytics is not much worth.

Redpill Linpro's core business is optimising and managing architecture and infrastructure. We can set you up with a proper ETL structure to collect your data and load it to a fitting storage facility for analytics. Furthermore, we can set your analytics team up with a container platform to fit the advantages of devops into an analytics frame. Let your models be modified and rolled out over and over again with speedy automated deployment.

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Mia Ryan
Sales Advisor at Redpill Linpro