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Dari Luukka




I am a developer with experience, from a diverse range of programming languages, through my studies and possess an advanced understanding about the different development stages within a development process. I feel comfortable with languages such as Java, C and C++. Since many modern programming languages are based on the previous ones that were mentioned, I see it as a positive and challenging task to learn new development languages. I had the pleasure of developing an Android application during my thesis work. The work also included writing code to a client and a server part. The server was connected to a database. The entire thesis was written in Java and SQL.

I would describe myself as being very technically inclined and I have for a very long time been close to IT systems. I am now in a position where I feel that I am able to develop my skills and gain further technical knowledge. I feel that I am making good use of the knowledge and skills that I have gained during my studies. I am also in a challenging position where I am able to grow as a person.

I understand the importance of customer care and customer satisfaction from previous positions. I have also gained experience in giving good service and understood the importance of creating positive relationships, both internally and externally. As an employee, I see myself as being a humble and honest person. I have a high work morality and I always strive to present certain professionalism in my work. I plan very well and I am always determined to reach my goals.

At present positioned as Trainee and Junior Consultant at Redpill Linpro taking initial steps to learn more indepth about the Alfresco platform.


  • Language: Java EE, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android SDK
  • Database: MySQL
  • Frameworks / Libraries: JSP, Spring
  • OS: Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • IDE: Netbeans, Eclipse
  • Protocols / Techiniques: HTTP, SSH, TCP, IP
  • Other Tools: Jira
  • Version Control System: Git


2014 August – 2015 June Master Thesis Efficient configuration of smart lights using NFC.

Developed a system that is a third-party application, on top of an existing system that uses an USB-stick radio transmitter/receiver, incorporating NFC techniques to connect socket and wall switch devices, equipped with NFC-tags, to an Android application that is able to configure the connected devices by the simple gesture of holding the mobile device in close range to the socket or wall switch device. Usability analysis was also performed to analyze efficiency and user friendliness of introducing NFC techniques to a smart home system. Points for analysis were learnability, ease of use, efficiency, error reduction, security and improvements that arise, compared to, not introducing the developed system.

2011 March – 2012 July VIX-TechnologyService Desk Technician

Daily tasks involved answering calls from customers to solve issues. Answering calls internally and redirecting them to the appropriate direction. Answering questions about the business to possible future partners or redirecting these calls. Solving issues from the issue tracking system (Jira). I provided supervision and maintenance of internal servers and devices. I tested devices in the company equipment room. I commissioned devices on location. I worked part time in parallel with my studies.

Passionate about

Customer Satisfaction =)

Dari Lukka