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Capio S:t Görans Hospital (Alfresco)

It is, in other words, imperative that Document Management functions smoothly so as not to divert attention from the main task of helping the patients. With around 1,700 employees and 70,000 emergency patient visits, Capio S:t Görans Hospital is one of the largest emergency hospitals in Sweden.


Non-Existent Document Management System

At Capio S:t Görans Hospital, a large portion of the information is accessible through shared documents. The documents in question relate to procedural and methodological descriptions e.g. care and treatment. It may define how to carry out an ECG, how to order and handle medicine or the way in which a specific treatment should be done.

In an industry that is constantly put to the test, it is vital that all information is correct and that only up-to-date documents are acceptable.

In 2009, an old intranet and a non-existent Document Management System was in place at Capio S:t Görans Hospital. Marie Carlsson, Project Manager at Capio S:t Görans Hospital says that documents were then pooled through shared folders on a network and that there was no system to ensure that a document contained the latest version .There was a constant risk that individuals saved a document onto their own hard drive and missed out on any updates in the document. The damage became even greater if the document was distributed to others at a later date. Thereby, it became a challenge for Capio S:t Görans Hospital to stop the distribution of out-of-date documents within the organization.


A Document Management System that Does More than Simply Manage Documents

To address the challenge, Capio needed to introduce a system that could ensure there was only one original of a document and for that version to be approved and distributed.

A need that Capio S:t Göran had was to be able to do more with a Document Management System than simply sharing documents. For example, there was a need for several people to be able to develop procedural descriptions in a structured way without the control being lost, and to have the possibility of defining what criteria should apply for a document to be approved.

"It is important that each document has an owner, who is responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date and correct." says Marie. A lot of people can be involved in documenting procedure, and it is an important security aspect to designate one person to ensure the quality of each individual document. The whole process needs to be structured.

The system also has to be user-friendly and easy to manage to the extent that those who do not work administratively would not have to invest time in training or working with the system.

"It should also be possible for those working in white lab coats to handle the system easily without their primary job duties suffering due to extensive training in how to use the system or a complicated user interface." says Marie. It is crucial that users find what they are looking for. At Capio, we needed a way of making the documents accessible throughout the entire process and also meet the needs of irregular users. We chose Alfresco for the integration possibilities."

At Capio S:t Görans Hospital, a new intranet was simultaneously developed and it was decided that the intranet was to be integrated with the Document Management System, the aim being to facilitate the procedure as much as possible for its users.

A Request for Proposal was sent out, and the consultancy company Redpill Linpro's solution with the Open Source-based Document Management System Alfresco, including introduction, support and development, that felt right for Capio.

"We considered Alfresco's qualities for smooth integration to be superior to other, more drainpipe-like solutions." says Marie. In addition, the price model was important. With Open Source, you only pay for what you want to develop and for support costs. A company can invest millions still without getting exactly what they want. We have worked continuously with Redpill Linpro to get a solution that meets our specific needs and that is integrated with our intranet.


Simple Document Management through the Intranet

The introduction of Alfresco took place parallel to developing the new intranet and has now been running for over a year. The intranet is based on EpiServer CMS and is integrated with Alfresco using REST Services. Capio S:t Görans Hospital is satisfied with the system support that is now in place to ensure quality and efficiency with regard to Document Management. Still there are improvements to be done but the risk of incorrect spreading of information has been reduced significantly. Marie says:

"We now have a system that is simple to use and where the information flow is structured throughout the process. You simply click a button in the intranet to begin to create a new document. Help is also available in the form of templates to facilitate the search for what you need. We have eliminated the need to invest time in providing all employees with basic training in the system. In collaboration with Redpill Linpro, Document Management could be adapted to meet Capio S:t Görans' needs. Through regular contact with Redpill Linpro, we continuously strive towards developing, improving and adjusting the system." says Marie. This becomes relatively easy thanks to the flexibility of solutions based on Open Source.   

"We considered Alfresco's qualities for smooth integration to be superior to other, more drainpipe-like solutions. In addition, the price model was important. With Open Source, you only pay for what you want to develop and for support costs. A company sometimes spends millions, still without getting exactly what they want."

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