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Color Line ICC (Red Hat JBoss Fuse)


Color Line 






Color Line AS is Norway's largest and one of Europe's leading cruise and transport shipping companies, with about 2 340 man-years in four countries. Annual sales are around 4.7 billion NOK. 



Experienced integration/SOA consultants to help build ICC and integration platform based on Red Hat JBoss Fuse. Resources during the project time have included integration architect and experienced developer on the Red Hat JBoss Fuse platform to help Color Line with the implementation of a new and modern integration architecture and at the same migrate away from JCAPS and Weblogic Integration.


The challenge:

Implement a new integration platform and architecture to enable SOA based on an Open Source platform, including Java and Camel, but avoiding niche programming languages or platforms.


The solution:

Red Hat JBoss Fuse platform implemented on premise and hosted by Color Line third party hosting provider. Redpill Linpro have assisted with experienced and trained expert consultant. 


The result:

A modern, flexible platform for integration based on Open Source technology installed on premise to implement SOA. This enables Color Line to faster develop new integrations, reuse existing and quicker respond to market and business requirements. With the new integration platform Color Line has increased business execution speed and is ready to face new market challenges and execute business requirements quicker than before.


“With the expertise provided by Redpill Linpro resources within the area of integration and SOA we have been able to implement our new integration architecture and platform in an efficient and controlled manner.

The experience of the Redpill Linpro resources have been vital to the succesful implementation of the project. Redpill Linpro has met the expectation of Color Line both from a technical and commercial aspect.”

Simon Herbert, Lead Architect, Color Line.

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