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MuleSoft CONNECT, May 19th, the world’s leading integration event of the year, brings together thought leaders and practitioners across IT and the business.

The CONNECT virtual event will provide you and your team an interactive experience to share best practices for solving the business challenges and trends that are shaping the future of IT.

The following are highlights you can expect from the conference:

  • Hear from customers like McKesson on how they are leveraging APIs as their core enabler
  • Live Discussions with Industry Leaders: live immersive demos, live Q&A, and roundtables for open discussion with peers, MuleSoft experts, and industry leaders
  • Tailored Experiences: relevant use cases + initiatives contextualized to the MuleSoft platform, such as driving a cloud strategy, improving your sales and service with integration, unlocking the power of a customer360, etc.
  • Technical Enablement: product deep dives + demos
Event date: