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What does the system integration toolbox anno 2019 look like?

Today most enterprise level organizations are facing an ever-increasing need for building and deploying secure system integrations within short deadlines.

Aside from relying on using plain (synchronous) API’s for implementing system integrations what other technologies/patterns, products and platforms are available in the system integration toolbox as of today, tomorrow or within a year? 


  • is Kafka actually up to the job when thinking in terms of EDA?
  • may we replace heavy weight ESB’s/Application servers with Apache Camel/Fuse or the like? 
  • is it worth the stretch using an integration framework like Camel/Fuse or will plain-old-java micro services do the job?
  • what options are available for getting micro services or applications to collaborate using standard queuing services?
  • do we have any “battlefield” experiences with implementing and operating these other types of tools and platforms?


Attend this event, listen to talks from various system integration experts and real-life case summaries, bring your knowledge and hard-earned experience with you and share your views and ideas with other fellow developers/architects to see if you will get closer to answering above questions.

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