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Focus on Integration and API Management - new recruitment

We have recruited Sven Jansson to our Stockholm office to head the focus on the Integration solution area and to grow its business in the Stockholm region

Sven Jansson comes from the position of Regional Manager at Softhouse Consulting Stockholm, where in recent years he build up consultancy in IT development, agile method support and project undertakings from zero. His previous work experience includes a long career in various positions in the telecommunications industry for a number of different companies.

Sven will be responsible for the Integration solution area and his target will be to increase turnover significantly over the next 3 years. Part of the focus will also be on increasing Redpill Linpro's presence in the Stockholm region, so as to better meet the customers' requirement for a greater presence with high competence consultants during the development and commissioning of business-critical integration solutions.

"Developments in the area of integration over the next few years will be amazingly interesting. We see the innovative delivery of integration solutions and APIs as an enabler for our customers' digitisation and we know that we have the solutions, competence and concepts to deliver the required agile development capacity to our customers. With Sven's experience of working in growing organisations, innovative packaging and leadership qualities, we have found a person who will make it possible to increase the pace of growth in this area for Redpill Linpro,” says Anders Liling, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

“Redpill Linpro is an exciting company that I have been following from the sidelines for some time. It has been interesting to see how the company has developed its business and built on its deep technical competence in the Java and Open Source area, to create complete new concepts for integration API management, which customers can put into operation without great investments in competence or software. I look forward to working with the experienced consultants at Redpill Linpro to continue this development and to grow the business towards our goal of being the Nordic Region's leading integration company,” says Sven Jansson.

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Sven Jansson

Sven Jansson, appointed new Solution Leader Integration