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Fredrik Steen


Fredrik Steen 


Operations Manager, Managed Services Sweden 


With over 15 years of genuine experience in System Administration, Systems Engineering, System Design and IT Security firelds. Full time GNU/Linux user/developer since the first releases of Slackware 1994. Debian developer since 2001.

  • Likes designing systems and devops
  • Programming in Go and Python
  • Tinkerer in the freetime, electronics, diving, beer brewer and rc-flight. 


  • Designing and running complex linux systems.
  • Programming in Python and Go
  • Virtualization systems
  • Linux distributions Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and SuSE
  • High availability
  • High Performance computing 


  •  Debian GNU/Linux (Developer) (www.debian.org)
  • Founder of Karlstad Unix Group
  • Member and co-founder of Open Source City Karlstad

Passionate about

IpaaS/SaaS, Automation and high availability systems. Google Go.