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Happy birthday Git!

Happy birthday Git – and one of the reasons my blood won't run cold when I've messed up all the configs and everything is on fire

A while back we posted a blog post on the essentials of version control in five minutes. The blog post ends with the sixty-four-thousand dollar question: will version control stop my blood running cold when I realize I've messed up all the configs and everything is on fire? The answer is - ”Yep” (unless of course you have a rather nervous disposition in which case we recommend a cup of tea and a holiday).

The reason the answer can be so emphatic is in due thanks to this week's birthday child – Git – who first saw the light of day 10 years ago. It wasn't an easy birth and Git was born out of rather desperate need as the Linux kernel community faced a daunting challenge: They could no longer use their revision control system BitKeeper and no other version control tools met their needs for a distributed system. So what to do?

Linus Torvalds, Linux creator and general wild child took the challenge into his own hands and disappeared for a weekend, only to appear with the following week with Git – a constant companion for many of us in the business.

Want to know more about the when, why and how of Git's creation, then you shouldn't miss this interview with Linus . And if you want just a bit more of Linus and Linux, you can feast on this post by our very own CEO Anders Liling and his thoughts on Open Source.