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Information Audit

Information audit

To be able to make informed decisions your organisation's decision-makers need relevant, quality information at the right time and at the right place. The information audit is a key part of developing an information strategy.

Information audits have been defined by The Information Resources Management Network of Aslib as “a systematic evaluation of information use, resources and flows, with a verification by reference to both people and existing documents, in order to establish the extent to which they are contributing to an organisation’s objectives".

We can help you with your information audit and provide answers to:

  • Who the actual and potential information users are

  • Information quality requirements of these users

  • The types of information available

  • Where information is held (including multiple sources)

  • How the information is used and how this relates to your organisational objectives

  • Systems or applications used to capture, store and disseminate information

  • Problems with information management that result in poor communications or waste

  • The cost of information usage