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Integrate to innovate

On May 22nd, you will find us at the event Integrate to innovate, in Stockholm.

Integrate to innovate 2014 - The conference that stresses the importance of integration

At the conference we will talk about our concept Integration Brokerage.

Integration as a services in the cloud for everyone

  • Are you finding it difficult to live up to the increasingly demanding requirements of the company’s management and the marketing and sales organisation to get new products and services out to customers faster and to implement new revised business models?
  • Is the requirement for more information exchange between the company’s various systems both in the cloud and internally starting to become a challenge?
  • Do you believe that SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) can be part of the solution, yet you are struggling with the challenge of achieving an effect quickly without hindering the organisation in its ongoing activities?
  • Have you dreamt about an integration service which can meet your needs for fast and effective change?
  • Do you believe that the work on an effective integration solution must be implemented now? Choose integration as a service in the cloud for the fastest possible effect!