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It’s about time!

Our CEO, Anders Liling, is commenting on an article in one of the largest newspapers is Sweden, who ran an article about Linus Torvalds, the man behind Linux.

I felt so happy when I read the article about Linus Torvalds in Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv. There are many reasons for my joy and one of them is Linus’ never ending passion for his mission, as is clear from the last paragraph:

” - The fun thing about Linux is that I’ve never had plans. The users and the companies ideas usually result in more interesting concepts than my own ideas, so it will always be exciting to see where everything goes…!”

That mindset is typical of both him and of Open Source and clearly shows that this particular development model generates great momentum.

Those of us who have long worked in Open Source have often tried to explain the development phenomenon of Open Source products. But I feel that Linus is spot on and that Open Source works best when based in this philosophy.

But there are other reasons for my happiness as well. I can not remember ever before having seen an article in the industry media where the development of Open Source is properly noted. Of course there have been articles about Android where Open Source shows up in passing, but the fact that Google, Facebook, Twitter and other communication giants never would be where they are today without Open Source, is something few outside the business have any knowledge about.

I can accept that the main stream user may not be aware but it is frightening that the powers that be, still have their eyes closed for the last 23 years of great development.

Not to mention our politicians. It should be in their interest to look for new growth areas and possibilities to finance our common welfare system. And they should most definitely think about how to create a European platform for Open Source innovation and the new Google that will develop from this.

Today Linus is an American citizen. I do not know the reasons behind this choice but I do know that he got his Linux platform fairly quickly after his release of Linux. How do we make sure that all the ”Linuses” in Europe are met with an equally nurturing environment where innovation and finance work together to create future success stories? Stories that will be written in Open Source code.

May the source be with you!  

/Anders Liling