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Jens X Augustsson


Senior Software Developer


I'm a long-time programmer, since the Texas Instruments era. No, don't bother to Google that. Started working in Stockholm during ”the happy IT years” with various Internet-related companies, doing mobile, web and GIS development. I returned to Gothenburg when given the chance to help start up a Redpill Linpro office here. Now I live in a smaller nearby city and longboard my way to work, with a little help from trains. Love to spend time in forests and on water. First ultra marathon is coming up this year! Probably the only one too.


  • Usually focus on architectures for web applications, including mobile 
  • Mostly backend programming in Java, often frontend in JavaScript
  • Teacher on various JBoss products, like Hibernate and WildFly 
  • I sometimes do presentations on tech events


  • I often work in projects related to the public sector
  • I've architected ”Signe”, the nationell system to collect waiting times in the health sector
  • ”Rutinkollen.se”, a web tool to ensure quality and follow up on routines
  • I'm involed in collecting national health surveys, called ”Nationell Patientenkät” 

Passionate about

  • At work, the development of Open Source and open standards (like Java EE) is highly interesting
  • I love to follow the development of ”modern web applications”
  • Also, object relational mappers and alternatives like document dbs are fun to focus on.