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Major initiative in integration and API led connectivity

We have decided to launch a major initiative in the area of integration and API led connectivity.

Triggered by the ongoing digitalisation and request for agile IT solutions to meet the demand for “mode 2” bimodal capabilities, we will initiate new concepts and solutions for integration and enablement of APIs over the coming months. During the next few years we intend to increase revenue, generated from integration solutions, considerably faster than the rest of the market.

We already have a partnership with leading Open Source integration provider Mulesoft, but will launch new partnerships over the coming months to increase product and technology coverage. In addition to the already delivered Integration Brokerage solution (cloud based integration platform) and API Management concept, we will launch a model to make organisations API Ready and to deliver API Management capabilities in a cloud based solution. To support the planned expansion we have recruited a new leader for the Solution Area Integration and launched a resource management program that include activities for recruiting and certifying staff to the high standards of the company culture. To secure a long term resource availability we have also its first term of their trainee program.

“It is exciting to see all the new challenges that the surrounding market and our customers are facing in this era of digitalisation and changing requirements from customers, partners and employees. To be able to keep up pace with these changing demands, organisations of today need to be able to quickly integrate and enable new applications or features in their corporate solutions. This will of course drive the need for solutions that makes this easy and can be done in an agile way. We have been working with implementations of SOA through our own agile ICC concept over the past 10 years, so we know what it means to deliver agile integration. There will certainly be some demand for SOA solutions also in the future, but we foresee an increased demand for ready-made integration solutions and enabling APIs to truly support the digitalisation process”, says Anders Liling, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

“We believe that the path to success for organisations that require agile integration and API capabilities lies in strong concepts and the flexibility in costs, deployment options and development speed that only the best Open Source solutions can deliver. Our objective is to make Redpill Linpro the recognised leader in the integration area on the Scandinavian stage and to do that we believe that we will increase revenues coming from integration and API related concepts and services considerably faster than the rest of the market”, says Anders Liling.

For more information, contact:

Anders Liling, CEO, Redpill Linpro, mobile: 070-603 36 30, e-mail: anders.liling@repill-linpro.com