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Announcing two new services


We are announcing two new services in our Managed Services portfolio.

Object Storage

We are now offering S3-compatible object storage to our customers. In essence, object storage is an eventually consistent, distributed storage solution accessible through a RESTful HTTP API. The solution is based on Riak CS, and we are starting with a moderate 64 TB raw disk space, distributed over 8 servers on 2 datacenter locations.

Our first customer on this service, are going to migrate their media storage from both NFS and Amazon S3 towards this solution.

Scale Out Services

This services gives the possibility to access additional hardware for short periods of time, typically for horizontal scaling of applications in demanding time periods, where the normal infrastructure is just too weak to handle the traffic. Other types of usage scenarios could be:

  • help in living through a DDoS-attack, when the normal application servers are overloaded
  • add CPU-cycles to long-running computer jobs
  • have additional resources available during a campaign period
  • testing and lab-work
  • generate traffic for load testing

Currently, the service has ~300 GB RAM and ~100 CPU cores installed, which will be doubled over the next few months.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson