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DevOps Tooling Day in Stockholm, November 16th


The Value of Enterprise Tools in DevOps Workflow

Meet us at DevOps Tooling Day in Stockholm, November 16th. Where you can learn what the difference is between community and enterprise editions, and what is the decision making criteria for choosing either one? Does it have an impact on DevOps workflow?

DevOps Tooling Day series introduces you the most relevant DevOps tools, vendors and solution providers across the Nordics. We will bring you up-to-date on technological aspects, and also introduce you real life solutions and customer cases.


Agenda will be published soon. The day will start 08:30-09:00 with breakfast and registration. Lunch and coffees will be served to all attendees. Day will end approximately at 4pm.

Location & Time

Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14, 111 23 Stockholm
Thursday, November 16th, 2017, 08:30 – 18:00 (09:00 – 16:30)


Register here to learn the best tools and practices for connecting agile development to core business

Written by Susannah Eriksson