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What’s happening at Redpill-Linpro?


Proxima Code - article

“Working together with a professional IT partner as Redpill Linpro has given us a modern and secure development platform which frees up time to focus on growing business rather than dealing with infrastructure.”

Curious on how we store your data?

Lately there has been quite a few public discussions on data privacy and security. Matters that we take seriously, and we would like to take the opportunity to share inform on how we are using personal data through HubSpot, to supply you with marketing information.

Whistleblower systems in framework agreements

A new EU directive will make whistleblower systems mandatory for companies, municipalities, and authorities within the Union. The directive is to be implemented as of December 2021. Although the implementation may differ slightly between different countries, a professional setup should be expected to meet the demands throughout the Union.