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Newsletter December 2016

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In this issue we have gathered top stories fron 2016:

  1. 1How a failure can be the first step towards success 
  2. API Management for public data - Lantmäteriet
  3. A global co-operation arena - Scania TeamRoom 
  4. Micro sourcing anyone?
  5. Prepared for a booming global games market - Unity 
  6. Hosting and maintenance on Greenland - Nukissiorfiit 
  7. Digital transformation - the movie
  8. The business value of integration
  9. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - Skatteverket
  10. The DevOps Ready Guide
  11. The digital workplace for publishers - single source publishing
  12. December fun - Sysadvent Calendar 

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Redpill Linpro Newsletter December 2016