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Linux is in many ways our core business and main operating platform. Even though the Linux kernel is the core of the system, we support the surrounding applications.

Highly customisable

The Linux kernel, based on UNIX, has been under development since 1991. Today you will find the operating system running on almost any hardware, from regular x86 servers and PCs to mainframes and supercomputers. Because Linux is highly customisable, it has also found its way into common everyday objects, such as Android phones, game consoles and TV sets.



Let us support your Linux systems, whether you need to run it in-house or prefer to let us or a third-party manage your servers. We will normally provide you with support for generic Linux and related open source components. In order to offer the best support possible, we are partner with Red Hat, Suse and Canonical.

Our support provides you with the expertise you need to ensure that your mission-critical systems are up and running. We can customise an agreement to include the components you use in your systems.

When we establish a support agreement we analyse your systems and ensure that they are well-documented. This makes it faster for us to pinpoint a problem when you need our help. We also offer an annual support review, in which we look through your systems and give recommendations to improve performance and highlight possible problem areas.


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