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Varnish webinars

Varnish Paywall webinar January 17th 2013

The Varnish Paywall is a tool for monetizing digital content. What differentiates our offering from other paywall solutions is its blazing speed and flexibility (it integrates with any publication, payment and CMS system).

The webinar will walk attendees through how the Varnish Paywall:

  • Solves the problem of paywalls slowing down websites and spoiling the user experience of paying subscribers.
  • Is implemented from within the Varnish Cache layer hence also enhancing the websites performance and scalability.
  • Ensures that paying readers get their requested content delivered at a rapid speed.

We will end the webinar with a live Q&A session.

Sign up here for the webinar that is scheduled at 4 PM CET, January 17th 2013

A webinar on Varnish tools January 24th 2013

This webinar will introduce and demonstrate the Varnish tools for the first time:

  • Varnish Administration Console (VAC) a tool that enables Varnish administrators to easily access and manage a clusters of Varnish Cache servers
  • Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) was designed and released in 2012 to further help administrators monitor and debug their production environment

Attendees will leave with a clear comprehension of:

  • how to easily manage Varnish with the VAC, both during development, and at production level
  • how to utilize VCS for statistics that best suit your needs 

We will end the webinar with a live Q&A session. 

Sign up here for the webinar that is scheduled at 4 PM CET, January 24th 2013


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