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Redpill Linpro launches SharePoint alternative in Danish

Redpill Linpro, the leading provider of professional Open Source solutions for enterprise customers in the Nordic region, today launched a Danish version of Alfresco ECM.

The Alfresco platform, developed through one of the world's largest Open Source communities, has already been adopted by many Danish companies and is used extensively as a replacement or supplement for Microsoft SharePoint, in particular where companies has to limit the number of users due to licensing costs.

"For several years we have been very successful in offering Alfresco to those of our customers who want a product that ensures optimum and effective use of corporate knowledge. Alfresco is used for document management, collaboration, workflow, compliance etc all in one affordable solution. Alfresco is completely open to current proprietary and Open Source-based suppliers, mobile devices and cloud. One of the areas we follow with special interest and where we can see Alfresco is being highly relevant is the ESDH and the public sector in Denmark. Within this particular area it has been a challenge not being able to 'speak Danish', but now we can! " says Jesper Lytton, Country Manager, Redpill Linpro.

Redpill Linpro expect that the public sector even more will see Alfresco as a way to open up the ESDH systems further. And we also believe that a number of private clients are looking forward to a Danish language Alfresco interface. Among others; the retail sector, where users prefer Danish menus.

For more information:

Jesper Lytton, Country Manager Denmark, tel. (+45) 7799 3212, email: jesper.lytton@redpill-linpro.com