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Learn how we ensure agile and flexible operations delivery through DevOps principles and methods, with focus on culture, automation, measurement and sharing.

We do DevOps

Our IT Operations teams strive for efficient collaboration with our developer colleagues. DevOps is all about breaking down established, counterproductive patterns in the all-important day-to-day communication between those producing code, artifacts and changes (developers) and operations people responsible for deployment and service management. Through culture, automation, measurement and sharing (CAMS), DevOps tries to optimise the processes involved in ensuring continuous service development and delivery.

Change intensive services?

Do you require a higher frequency of change to some applications/websites than your current operations service can provide? We would like to work with you to gain an understanding of your change frequency and operational quality needs. Working together we can ensure full support and relief for your developers. This is part of the culture aspect of DevOps.


Automation tools like Puppet contribute to the scalability and stability of your systems, and ensure that servers and software do not deviate from a known good state. Continuous monitoring and measurement of low- and high-level factors in the solution is also important. 

With a deeper understanding of each other's tasks and challenges, we can better collaborate on providing real business value. Sharing experiences, knowledge and eventually ownership of the software lifecycle from development to deployment to production is the modern way, and our way, of delivering IT operations.

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