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BPM workflows are important in most organisations, supporting users in adhering to company business processes. Workflow engines are often built in as a part of ECM solutions and portals. These are preferably standards-compliant to ensure that a workflow developed for one workflow engine can be run on any other workflow engine.

Automated business processes are a key feature of most ECM solutions and play a core part in many of our projects. We help to analyse the business process and break it down to a suitable solution consisting of process execution, the data produced and the logic needed. 

Business rules management (BRM) can help your organisation get better control over business logic in use and to automate decision-making in business processes. Business rules as a concept are nothing new within software development. BRM has been around for decades and has been successfully used in expert systems, business intelligence systems, etc. Yet it still is not such a well-known area within most organisations. BRM systems can make a great difference for organisations with complex business logic, large volumes of business rules or business rules that change often. Software requirements that are complex and time consuming to solve with traditional programming techniques can often be much easier to implement as business rules in a BRMS.

As an example Redpill Linpro has implemented BRM solutions for one of Scandinavia's largest telecom operators, helping them control business logic in sales support systems and customer support systems. We also helped a successful BRM solution in a major Scandinavian bank. The bank uses a BRM system to automate the handling of housing allowance applications.

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