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Move beyond static security, and let us secure your datacenter

Security management is a continuous process

The rate of change in IT environments is unprecedented, and existing network and security technologies were built for a different time. Think about the number of devices, users, applications and systems that connect to our infrastructure every day. Sometimes we know about them, sometimes we don't. It is almost to impossible to protect something when you do not even know it is there.

Attacks are changing just as rapidly. According to Sourcefire there were nearly 300 million new pieces of malware detected in 2010, and data gathered by their researchers indicates nearly 75 percent of these attacks were only ever seen on a single system. These attacks last a few hours and quickly morph into another version of the same core threat.

Most of today's security solutions simply can't keep up with continuous, rapid change. These solutions were designed when IT environments were stable and slow to change, not for the world we live in today.

Security Solutions

Our security offering covers the whole stack and has the advantage of employing open source tools that enable customers to have better situational and threat awareness. We offer security assessment, risk management and incident response.

Perhaps you are thinking of offloading some of the responsibility to go for managed IDS? Let us provide the day-to-day maintenance, monitor your network environment proactively and respond rapidly to potential problems.

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