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Trap Danmark

Trap Danmark is unique organisation in the publishing industry. The new Trap Danmark is a unique concept that will publish the full story on Denmark, both in a printed and in a digital format.

The publications will be a collection of living stories, cross-disciplinary, cross cultural and encyclopaedic articles about Denmark. Here you will find – for specific places in the country as well as for the country as a whole – the most interesting information on geology, geography, biology, archaeology, history, culture, art, architecture as well as community and business life. No matter if you want information on the City Hall of Ebeltoft, the animal life of Tøndermarsken, the history of Nørrebro, the waterfalls of Bornholm, the alga houses of Læsø or the dialects of Lolland you will find the answer in Trap Danmark. Through 34 luxurious, richly illustrated books and the adjoined digital universe with its mobile approach, it will be possible to find relevant information on any place in Denmark while on that particular spot.