yum shell - bat out of dependency hell

There’s evil in the air and there’s thunder in sky – Meatloaf “Bat out of hell”

yum install foo [..] Error: foo conflicts with bar 

Again I have had the dubious pleasure of having dependencies between RPM-packages ending my attempt to install a single package because of a deep-rooted fear of removing core packages from production ... [continue reading]

The Varnish Cache project recently released varnish-5.2, and I have wrapped packages for Fedora and EPEL.

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The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation Raspberry Pi, on this i will be installing Mulesoft enterprise runtime standalone with latest Java 8 running inside a Docker container. The Instance will register itself with Anypoint platform ... [continue reading]

In this example we will use Jasypt in mule to encrypt clear text passwords in property files. But you could use Jasypt to encrypt all sorts of things e.g. ... [continue reading]

2016 turned out to be a turbulent but positive year for IPv6 here in Norway. As the graph below shows, in the beginning of 2016 about 7.5% of Norwegian end users were IPv6 capable. One year later, this number had increased to almost 10%.

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Just the other day I sat at a customer, and they wanted a web application to present data, from there Mule integration application. The data should be presented to ... [continue reading]

While debugging a problem with OCSP, I had to sit down and understand what it really does and why. So What is OCSP, and why do we use it?

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One common complaint about systemd is that it does «too much», where the threshold for the appropriate amount of action is left unspecified. Some of the stuff it can do is hold your hand and offer some comfort functions.

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With the end of the advent, this years sysadvent calendar event is now over.

If you missed it, the articles are still ... [continue reading]

Welcome to a new season of our SysAdvent Blog!

This december, the staff at Redpill Linpro runs an advent calendar with sysadmin-related content!

Our season two of the SysAdvent Calendar kicked off, as expected, on December 1st.

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