In the ever-shifting era of technologies where each year a new revolutionary platform emerges and evolves, generated data has grown exponentially and businesses are investing in technologies to capture data and capitalize on it as fast as possible. Depending on your company’s needs, understanding the different big-data storage techniques is instrumental to develop a robust data storage pipeline for business intelligence (BI), data analytics, and machine learning (ML) workloads.

From a data perspective, it is of utmost importance to have ... [continue reading]

Best practices to implement an ETL/ELT Integration pattern which further sums up to a Data-warehouse implementation

  • Decide a plan to test the consistency, accuracy, and integrity of the data
  • The data warehouse must be well-integrated, well-defined and time stamped
  • While designing a Data-warehouse make sure you use right tool, stick to the customer life cycle, take care of data conflicts and be ready to learn from your mistakes
  • Ensure to involve all stakeholders including business personnel in the ... [continue reading]
Ansible scheduling with filters

The Ansible Automation Platform is a great tool for automation and configuration deployment. In General. That’s why I am also using it on my local clients to keep the configuration in sync and even do the most minuscule changes.

Very rarely I implement changes that do not need to be implemented right away or that will have to be reversed later.

The usual workflow for this is to wait until that moment, implement the change and roll it out. Or ... [continue reading]

Let’s set the ground for who the data analyst is; Core for the role is to have extensive knowledge of the business and its KPIs, about vision and objectives, about metrics that explains the details of the business model and where the target values are, in order to say whether business is successful against an objective. In case when new business objectives are defined, the data analyst supports stakeholders to build metrics to track objective knowing which data exists and ... [continue reading]

What is Streaming Data?

Streaming data is a continuous data flow generated from various data sources, which can be processed and analyzed in real-time by using streaming processing technology. Streaming data is used to describe continues and endless streams with no beginning or end and need to utilize without needing to be downloaded first. Streaming data can be generated by all types of sources, with various data types and volumes. Streaming’s counterpart method is ”batch” processes, which main difference ... [continue reading]

Power BI continues to be one of the most popular Business Intelligence solutions, gaining advantage by allowing teams to meet the needs of business users, data scientists and data science professionals and meet business needs in terms of business intelligence and reporting functions. However, analytical capabilities of Power Bi can be boosted through integration with R. Complementing Power BI with customized and statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Integration of Power BI and R brings benefits at every stage ... [continue reading]

Local MFA token

Recently my phone went out of order for a day. I immediately switched over to my backup phone and was back to normal after one hour.

This was a great opportunity to check if I still had all T’s crossed and I’s dotted and full control over my data in case of an unexpected event - like missing the phone.

Surprise: I wasn’t fully prepared.

While most applications and their data were recovered, easily restored and no data was lost, ... [continue reading]

What you’ll need to follow along

To gain some understanding about OpenID Connect and Keycloak no tools are needed. If you however want to experiment and follow along yourself on how to get started with OpenID connect and Keycloak you’ll need some basic tools.

Make sure to have the following installed:

  • JDK 8+
  • Maven
  • IDE/Text editor
  • Docker or PodMan

Source code can be found here


The predecessor of OpenID Connect is OAuth2.0 ... [continue reading]

More Common mistakes in Automation

This post is a follow up to our previous post 10 common mistakes in automation earlier this year.

When discussing Gartners list of mistakes in automation, we were missing some that we quite often see at our customers and decided these should also be mentioned.

This post continues the list. If you missed the previous post, you might want to head over there first.

11 - Fragmentary automation

This mistake can happen fast, especially in ... [continue reading]

10 Common mistakes in Automation

In April 2022 Gartner published an article about ten common mistakes when focusing on automation within a business.

We felt our customers would benefit from deepening and adding to their post.

Therefore here are the ten (same) points Garter already made, but explained in depth and backed up by our experience within this field.

01 - Falling in love with a single technology

Quite a common problem we encounter when assisting with introducing automation. Often a business ... [continue reading]