One common complaint about systemd is that it does «too much», where the threshold for the appropriate amount of action is left unspecified. Some of the stuff it can do is hold your hand and offer some comfort functions.

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With the end of the advent, this years sysadvent calendar event is now over.

If you missed it, the ... [continue reading]

Welcome to a new season of our Sysadvent Blog!

This December, the staff at Redpill Linpro runs an advent calendar with sysadmin-related content!

Our season two of the Sysadvent Calendar kicked off, as expected, on December 1st.

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The Varnish Cache project recently released varnish-5.0, and Varnish Software released hitch-1.4.1. I have wrapped packages for Fedora and EPEL.

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The World is running out of IPv4 addresses, but luckily, we have IPv6 here now, and running the whole data center on IPv6 only is not just happening, it’s becoming the standard. But what if you have an app, a daemon, or a container that actually needs IPv4 connectivity? Then you may use 464XLAT to provide an IPv4 tunnel through your IPv6 only infrastructure. Clatd is one component in 464XLAT.

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Using systemd-networkd to work your net

On a laptop, per-distribution network tools like ifupdown, network-scripts and netcfg are a bit limiting. NetworkManager is a reasonable solution to roaming and using multiple networks, but for those of us who don’t run environments like GNOME, it’s a little opaque, even now that it has nmcli.

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LDAP and password encryption strength

Given the focus on security breaches leaking account information the last few years, we have taken a fresh look at how secure our LDAP passwords really are, and if we can let OpenLDAP use a modern hash algorithm.

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Encrypted Btrfs for Lazy Road Warriors' laptops

Why Btrfs?

Btrfs is full of new features to take advantage of, such as copy-on-write, storage pools, checksums, support for 16 exabyte file-systems, online grow and shrink, and space-efficient live snapshots. So, if you are used to mange storage with LVM and RAID, Btrfs can replace ... [continue reading]

The Varnish Cache project recently released varnish-4.1.3 and varnish-modules-0.9.1. Of course, we want updated RPMs for Fedora and EPEL.

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So, management wants a microsite for blog-entries ASAP, while the techs wants to use tools they are used to - markdown and git. On top of that, we have a limited spare time for implementing a new solution.

In the intersection of that lies Jekyll!

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