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Redpill Linpro launches cyber security company

Digital society builder Redpill Linpro is launching a new business unit focusing on information security. Redpill Linpro Cyber Security is the name of the new company that will employ both information security specialists and lawyers.
Peter Franklin, Redpill Linpro Cyber Security Stocholm

In combination with the deep technical expertise that already exists within the group regarding IT security solutions, Redpill Linpro Cyber Security will deliver consultancy services and solutions for information security. The company is based in Stockholm.

Security is a central component in all digital projects and already today an important part of our deliveries. With the foundation of Redpill Linpro Cyber Security, we take the next step and add deep advisory expertise when it comes to information security and cyber law. The demand for IT security is extremely high and the area is a central component when we help our clients build better digital societies,” says Henrik Gavelli, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

The ambition is for the company to grow rapidly with competences consisting of both consultants in information security and lawyers who deliver advisory services linked to legislation, policies, certifications, and data protection. As with Redpill Linpro's other operations, the offer is characterised by deep technical expertise combined with business understanding. The cyber security company will initially target public sector organisations and businesses in banking, finance and insurance. 

Redpill Linpro Cyber Security is headed by Peter Franklin, who has extensive experience of helping customers with both proactive and emergency advice on information security. He has held leading positions at companies such as F-Secure, PwC, Accenture and 2Secure. Most recently, Peter comes from a position as global sales manager at G'SECURE LABS.

"I look forward to joining the Redpill Linpro family. It is a company that is characterised by deep knowledge of both technology and the opportunities that digitalisation can provide. In this context, information security is an extremely important component. Without a detailed understanding of how an organisation can use and manage information in a secure way, digitisation will be weak," comments Peter Franklin.

An increased threat from both cyber criminals and other groups, combined with the dependence of businesses and society at large on digital services and systems, means that the need for cyber security has never been greater. Combined with several new laws, such as the NIS2 directive and DORA, society faces a great need to raise the level of both understanding and services for information security. 

“Business leaders need to understand the seriousness of information security and how organisations' information is managed, where and how it is stored and correctly classified. In today's uncertain geopolitical environment and the increasing number of cyber-attacks, it is now more than time for information security to become a standing item in all management and board meetings. Through cutting-edge expertise in both law and IT security and security solutions, we at Redpill Linpro will contribute to increased knowledge and thereby a safer Sweden,” concludes Peter Franklin.

Henrik Gavelli

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Written by Susannah Eriksson