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System integration services


"Think big – Act small – Scale fast" a lightweight approach to implement API and integration solutions, developed in cooperation with customers.


What is system integration?

System integration means integrating different subsystems and components into one system. More and more systems these days are designed to be able to connect with other systems. The digitization continues, and therefore we want to ensure that systems easily can be adapted and connected to newer systems. Our ​​system integration specialists will help you and your organisation connect the subsystems that will keep you and your organisation up to date within the digital world.

Why is system integration important?

Many of today's enterprise organisations have been using the same systems that they implemented over a decade ago. Outdated systems combined with the challenge of delivering new services and adopting varying organisational requirements have created a demand for well-structured and effective system integration solutions, as well as a strong need for managment and control of internal and external API:s. It has also become increasingly important to implement a loosely coupled architecture with microservices to make it easier to switch or implement new applications as new requirements occur. We offer systems integration solutions such as Connectivity Engine, Microservices, API Management and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as a Service. 

The importance of a system integration strategy

To achieve a successful integration, an integration strategy is crucial. There are a few different methods that you can use for your integration: point-to-point integration, vertical, horizontal or star integration. The methods are different approaches to integrate the systems. Our integration specialists will set up a strategy for your unique system integration.

System integration services:

Connectivity Engine - Connectivity as a Service

To keep up with the digital transformation of today you need your organisation to be connected.
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Organisations of today are challenged with a constant need for change to keep up with the expectations from customers, partners or citizens.
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API Management

Implementing an API initiative is an investment in the future, but for once, it is an investment that does not require a revolution.
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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as a Service

To keep up with the digital transformation of today you need your organisation to be connected.
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Digital integration hub

The digital integration hub (DIH) is the technical enabler of architectures.
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Modern Open Source based platforms comply to these challenges

  1. With our approach we will deliver production-ready system integrations already from the proof of concept (PoC) project, which can easily be scaled up as processes, routines and roles have been established. We will not only help you to implement a new integration architechure on the open source platform of your choice, but we will also establish the organisation to further develop and maintain your system integration and API management solution. As a traditional Integration competency center (ICC) or as a distrubuted center for enablement organisation (C4E) 
  2. With our API management and system integration concepts we can help you implement a service-oriented architecture without you having to make capital-intensive investments just to get started
  3. With our packedge offerings based on Connectivity Engine (Integration as a services in the cloud), we make it even easier and faster to gain the benefits for everyone, even for small businesses without own core competence
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