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ONLYOFFICE is a full featured office suite, combined with our Alfresco connector it give you easy access for realtime concurrent online editing of Office documents stored in Alfresco on a server on your premises.

We do not sell the ONLYOFFICE product, but we are happy to help you integrate Alfresco and OPENOFFICE to give you the advantages of this combination.

  • Do you want to have control of your documents on a server in your own network that gives you as good or better features than similar online editors like MS Office Online or Google Docs?
  • Do you need desktop clients of the editor available for MS Windows, Mac and Linux platforms so all your users could edit their documents offline?
  • Do you need to integrate your office suite with Alfresco Content Services for easy creation and editing of documents in a leading ECM platform?
  • Do you need a cost effective solution for your office suite needs?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions OnlyOffice could be worth looking at, it gives you a wealth of features.

Key features

  • Simultaneous editing of online documents by two or more users, watch short video introduction

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms

  • Full internal control of documents

  • Alfresco connector give you easy access for realtime concurrent online editing of Office documents stored in Alfresco

  • ONLYOFFICE document server comes in many license forms from free open source community version and three different Enterprise editions.

  • One of the most feature-rich office suites

  • ONLYOFFICE desktop versions are free, wath the introduction video.

Why evaluate ONLYOFFICE to complement your Alfresco?

  • If you need concurrent online editing of office documents and your organization doesn't allow you to store documents or certain types of documents in public cloud services

  • I you want powerful features and don’t have a large budget for your office suite

Read about the ONLYOFFICE details on their website

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