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IT company for your digital transformation

As a leading IT company, we have helped our customers since 2008 with their digital transformation. Our goal is to, through our digital services, help our customers to achieve their goal so that they are up to date in the digital era. 

What is meant by digital transformation? It is more than a trendy word. A digital transformation is the journey from non-digital processes to become digital processes, or the replacement and upgrade from older digital processes to newer ones. A digital transformation is therefore crucial to be able to compete with other organizations in the digital society of today, and will have an impact on multiple aspects of your organization.

We always have a focus on openness, since we are the leading provider of Open Source in the Nordics. We are experts in areas such as DevOps, Cloud, API & Integration and many technologies. Here you can read more about our products! We provide digital transformation services and products within JavaAlfresco, Formtek, MuleSoft, OnlyOffice, PostgreSQL, Red Hat software, Salesforce, Varnish software, AWS, and WSO2.

Digital innovation solutions & services

We provide IT solutions within areas such as API services, IT automation, Cloud, IT infrastructure, development services and much more! Within our API services you find solutions regarding API integration, implementation, management and strategy. We are with you from start to finish when it comes to our API services. Within the Cloud segment we offer services regarding architecture, implementation, infrastructure, integration, management, migration and strategy. We work very closely with our customers, and our customer service is available 24/7 with highly experienced consultants. We serve over 150 streaming suppliers and internet publications with our Cloud services, making their digital transformation a wonderful journey.

Digital transformation strategy

A digital transformation strategy is a plan of action for how you and your organization can use digital solutions to achieve improvement regarding your business. Businesses have to adapt to their customers' digital habits, and be up to date and efficient in the digital society of today. We help you define what your specific organization needs for your digital transformation, and to set up a strategy for how you will achieve the digital transformation that you aspire to do.

Digital transformation framework

The framework for your digital transformation journey comes with the strategy - but is a more detailed plan for how we, step by step, meet the requirements of the project and achieve our digital goal. The framework works as a guiding tool for the organization through the digital journey.

Customers - digital innovation consulting

Through the years we have helped numerous customers with their digital transformation strategy and framework. We have provided customers with different services regarding IT automation and Open source such as API management through WSO2, Agile IT operations, development and much more! Read our full stories with our customers here!

Latest news

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News about how to lead remote teams, how Stena Metall went from an on-prem solution to a cloud-native, and how to take control over development environments,

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Extended cooperation with VGR

We have signed a new agreement with Region Västra Götaland (VGR) for the management, maintenance and further development of the leading business platform Alfresco. 

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Strong results for 2023

The core business consulting grew strongly with a 27 per cent increase in turnover. 

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Events 2024

Come meet us at any or many of the events that we are hosting or participating at. Read the full list and register today!

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