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Application Management

Agility, cost, competence and risk reduction are major factors driving organisations into using a professional partner for application management. We can provide a complete stack of application management services to support the entire software lifecycle. Application management is the natural continuation of any solution delivered by us, but can be delivered on any application based on known open source components and products.

Application Management Overview

Based on your business needs you can define your personal application management agreement to include any of the following components.

Application management Overview

The components include processes supporting all your needs for application lifecyclye management. Our clients experience improved governance, internal processes, better version control and lifecycle management, higher user satisfaction and a project delivery performance above industry average.

We follow a systematically phased approach resulting in rapid problem identification and solutions. This also helps in preventing future problems and improving the functionality and further assists with application enhancement. Our engagement models ensure a smooth transition with the benefit of having a trusted and capable partner constantly by your side managing your requirements effectively. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are tailor made, well-defined, enabling optimal operational performance. With a seamless interface between Application Management support desk and application support services, our professionals remain highly disciplined and responsive to client.

Application Development (AD)

Major changes to existing solution managed as individual projects based on Scrum.

Application Maintenance (AM)

Application maintenance covers change requests and enhancements approved by the client:

  • Sprint Management
  • Change Request  Management
  • Minor enhancements
  • Major Change Request
  • Interface modifications
  • Error correction
  • Release management,
  • Config management
  • Production setting

Application operations (AO)

  • Change of parametres
  • Import/export user data
  • Cleansing activities (users, date etc)
  • Tuning/optimalization
  • Minor adjustments required for normal operations
  • Critical error management
  • Warnings – if failure occurs or jobs to be run
  • Application administration together with IT operations
  • Operational meetings
  • Activities agreed with client

Governance and Reporting - Service Management

The Service management layer in the AM stack provides:

  • Frequent meetings with client's Service Manager
  • Reporting
  • Administration of change management
  • Allocations of resources
  • Planning/follow-up activities
  • Project management
  • Administration of 3 parties
  • Administration of Change Requests and approvals
  • Improvement of processes

Emergency of support/Readiness/SLA

  • Readiness/ emergency support A-Errors (4 hour, NBD, to be agreed)
  • Incident management
  • Problem management bugs, hot fixes, data fixes, patches
  • 8/5 Support
  • Preventive  Maintenance

IT Operations

We provide end-to-end application management services as part of our standard service portfolio. We know how to maintain, develop, tune, monitor and operate your solutions in accordance with your needs and our high standards. The solutions through which we deliver Application Management services are based on Open Source components. We have special competence in these components, which means extra security and value for the customer.