Open source cloud


Open Source technology is an essential building block of all clouds. From small private clouds, to the largest actors - open source software is involved in many forms.

Open Source in Redpill Linpro Nordic Cloud (RLNC)

RLNC is built on Open Source technology from the ground up, and is an essential ingredient in all services. The most prominent example of this is Open Stack as the component that connects all the parts together. Honorable mentions are:

  • Cumulus Linux on our network switches
  • Ceph powering our storage clusters
  • CentOS running on our compute hypervisors, using libvirt/kvm for virtualization
  • RLNC Container Platform based on Kubernetes

These projects in turn are built on a large collection of Open Source technology. The projects themselves are largely dependant on the Open Source movement, and reliable players in the Open Source corporate world, such as Red Hat.

Redpill Linpro is a supporting organisation of the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

It’s all about enabling

When building a cloud, one important aspect to consider when evaluating products and technologies, is how to integrate them. Does it have open interfaces? Does it have an API? Has the open source community embraced integration with the product? The more prerequisites that are met, the better suited for integration the product is - and in many cases, the table is already set.

In turn, after having done a successful integration, an open source cloud will provide a consistent set of interfaces. This enables provisioning of resources from a variety of products, such as virtual machines, storage solutions, networks, databases, load balancers and more.

Giving something back

Open Source is well and good. It is also known as “Free Software” - however, the word free was never about the price. Even healthy open source projects are partially dependant on an active community of users. One of the ways one can chose to pay for Open Source, is with time. For Redpill Linpro, contributing to open source communities is an obvious priority. With over 25 years of experience with Open Source, we know how to maneuver in this landscape.

Getting help

Building a cloud can be a quite complicated, maybe even daunting, endeavour. Our technicians are experienced with building and maintaining our own cloud, and at the same time committed to help our customers on their Open Source cloud journey.



Margrethe Monsen
Managing Director at Redpill Linpro