Cloud implementation


Implementing cloud solutions

Successfully implementing cloud solutions is like any other undertaking - it requires good preparation and planning to build on, and expertise and diligence during implementation. Cloud computing is a lot more than just usage based billing and the reduction of TCO, and requires the right knowledge and experience to build and implement successfull projects, as with anything else.

Building your cloud solution

Depending on the choosen architecture, cloud services come in many variants and flavours. Redpill Linpro will guide you and help in choosing the right services and the correct sizes for your requirements. To utilise the full potential of cloud computing, solutions should be architected with cloud services in mind, and built for manageability and scalability.

Automation and the coding of your IT infrastructure are important building blocks for the cloud, and build on the integration facilities of cloud platforms. Redpill Linpro has a proven track record and experience with all relevant technologies, and will be able to implement and deliver complete turnkey solutions.

A well architected and implemented cloud solution will be easier to manage and be more cost efficient in the long run.



Michael Nemecky
Operations Manager at Redpill Linpro