Cloud migration


Move to the cloud together with an experienced partner

Migration means moving digital business operations to the cloud. Redpill Linpro has successfully migrated several customers to both private cloud and public clouds and can help you with the process ensuring a successful migration. Our goal is to get you there both rapidly, safely and cost efficiently with as little business disruption as possible. We help you modernise and automate your cloud setup, and use well architected principles both for cloud migration and managing existing solutions.

Our cloud experts will take you through our five steps of migration to secure a seamless transition:

1: Application discovery and analysis

Our certified and experienced cloud architects will give a holistic assessment and overview of current architecture. They will map out existing solutions, and find all relations between apps and workflows and storage.

2: Migration strategy

Your initial cloud goals and what is important for you business going forward will be planned in step one. Here we will develop a clear migration strategy for you; what is expedient to retain, replace, and re-architect in the cloud, and why.

3: Identify optimal tools

It is important to choose the right tools for the job based on approved strategy and overall goals. We help you find the best approach for each application and at the same time identify possible pitfalls and first cost estimate. If you have applications that are to be re-architected, we will advise on which services, for example in AWS, should be used.

4: High-level planning

Well Architected principles will be applied by our experts. Well Architected helps build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for applications and workloads. These principles will be the basis for designing any new architecture.

5: Migration factory

This is the last step before doing the transition.

  • Implement, build or rebuild, move or migrate.
  • Refine architecture and migration plans
  • Finalise architecture.

After a successful migration to the cloud we can transition you to our Cloud Management services which will proactively monitor and optimise your setup in the cloud.



Paal Hatledal
Senior Sales Advisor Cloud at Redpill Linpro