AWS cloud architecture


We help you (re-)design your architecture the AWS way

Very few can challenge Amazon Web Services (AWS) on their experience on cloud architecture design. Ever since they first offered IT infrastructure services to the public in 2006, they have honed their best practices and principles with a "build today with tomorrow in mind" mindset.

Redpill Linpro aim to take advantage of as much as possible of this knowledge when helping our customers design/redesign their AWS architecture. Continually kept on our toes by our certified AWS Solution Architects, we seek to implement and make use of the best from AWS' 5 pillars of a Well-architected framework:

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
meshed together with our own knowledge and experience from 20 years of architecting for our customers. Together, we believe this is the right recipe for all of our customers wanting to move their services to the cloud



Yngve Sandal
Architect at Redpill Linpro